Why Summer is the Best Time to Turn Your House into an Energy Efficient Home

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Summer is usually spent by having picnics at the park and enjoying the holidays with the kids. The last thing on your mind during this time are the cold winter winds and an energy efficient home. But summer is actually the best time to replace an inefficient boiler, install external wall insulation, or purchase solar panels.

Here are 4 reasons why summer is the best time to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home:

1. The weather isn’t against you

Your central heating system and your home’s wall insulation are vital during winter time. You’ll spend several freezing nights without these essential utilities if you wait until winter to address your energy efficiency problems.

Replace your boiler and install your wall insulation during the summer to avoid facing harsh winter conditions unprotected. Installers will also finish the job in record time due to added advantage of having more daylight during this season.

2. Installers, engineers, and contractors are less busy

Since heating and insulation is the last thing on most people’s mind during the hot summer days, demand for such services is low. During this time, the customers tend to have the agency to choose their desired contractor. You can also schedule the project at a time that’s most convenient to you, thanks to the low demand.

Since it’s pretty much the slow season for energy efficiency companies, it’s even possible to get a lower rate than usual. Considering the hefty costs of boiler replacements, external wall insulation, and solar panels, even a small discount goes a long way.

3. Energy savings start sooner

Owning an energy efficient home comes with a lot of perks. Arguably the best perk of having the best energy efficiency measures in your home, is the lowered energy consumption. If you take it a step further and install solar panels, you can even produce your own electricity and then sell your excess power back to the National Grid.

Since energy consumption goes out of control during the winter time, you want to finish installing your home improvements before the cold weather sets in.

4. Time constraints are reduced or eliminated altogether

Rushing to replace a broken boiler during the dead of winter is a crisis that you don’t want to experience. It’s a situation that’s easily preventable and better solved when the weather is nice and time is not against you.

Another great thing about not having to worry about freezing your butt off is the fact that you can take your time researching the best products for your budget and which energy efficiency measure to prioritize.

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