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Uninsulated properties generally lose 45% of the heat generated by their central heating system.

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Most of the heat loss happens in the loft of your home because of the fact that warm air rises. This means that keeping your loft insulated is essential to keeping your home warm and your energy bills low.

Loft insulation is the process of laying down insulation material between the joists of your loft. This prevents heat from escaping during winter, as well as preventing it from penetrating your living spaces in the summer.

Due to the relative simplicity of the process, loft insulation is one of the cheaper insulation methods out in the market. Add a 40 year lifespan into the mix, and you have an effective insulation method that essentially pays for itself several times over, thanks to lowered energy bills.

Why Insulate?

By insulating the loft, a barrier is created that prevents heat from escaping during colder months and keeps the interior cool during warmer months. This insulation reduces the need for excessive heating or cooling, thereby reducing energy consumption and lowering utility bills. Secondly, loft insulation contributes to a more comfortable living environment. It helps to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the house, eliminating cold spots and drafts. This makes the home more pleasant and cozy, enhancing overall comfort levels.

Increased thermal comfort

Provides benefits such as increased thermal comfort, soundproofing, and the potential to minimize issues related to condensation and mold growth. Whether in new constructions or retrofitting existing buildings, Internal Wall Insulation offers a practical and effective solution to improve energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and enhance occupant comfort.


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