Who is Infinity

Infinity Energy Organisation was created in 2012 out of a passion for energy saving and sustainable solutions. Through word of mouth, a lot of hard work and a commitment to offer high quality products and customer service.

Infinity has become one of the most beloved energy home improvement companies in the UK. Our biggest reward is to see our customers saving money on their electricity bills and making their homes more sustainable.

Our journey

IPM Was Born

After leaving his job at Fitness First, Manoj made the decision to establish IPM in 2009. To assist him in this endeavor, he enlisted the father of his friend Vim.

A Fresh New Start
The team began to expand by recruiting a gas engineer and purchasing a van. Later that year, during the Christmas season, they were provided with a sales lead to install 10 boilers.
Business Invitation
Manoj was introduced to the government's Green Deal program
Following his invitation to a business forum, Manoj was introduced to the government's Green Deal program that aimed to encourage homeowners to implement energy-saving enhancements in their homes. In that same year, Manoj, along with his colleagues Vinay and Shaun, pooled 2500 each to initiate IEO. By November 2012, they had obtained a supplier license and were ranked 11th in the country.
Moving Up!
Infinity Energy Organisation was established and secured its inaugural government contract.
During the fall of 2014, the government implemented new regulations in the industry, leading many energy firms to withdraw their contracts.
Yet another challenge
There was a decrease in revenue in that year.
Stepping Up
Developed a positive rapport with two prominent energy companies in the market, namely SSE and BG.

British Gas and SSE are established giants in the UK domestic energy supply market. They formed part of what was once known as the “Big Six” group of large energy suppliers that used to dominate the market, alongside EDF Energy, E.ON, Npower and Scottish Power.

Global Pandemic
The Pandemic Challenge
Despite the impact of COVID-19 in 2020, the business managed to sustain itself, largely due to the newly introduced Green Homes Grant Scheme by the UK government.​
Infinity Solar UK
Infinity Solar UK LTD was introduced in June 2022.
With Infinity’s Home Solar Panels, you can create and store your own cleaner energy, save money on your energy bills and become more independent from the grid.
Infinity eBikes
Infinity Electric Bikes, launched this March.
Infinity Electric Bikes offer the ultimate choice in quality & affordable eco-friendly transportation.