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One advantage of having electric storage heating is its cost efficiency and control over energy usage.

Electric storage heaters allow users to take advantage of off-peak electricity tariffs, charging during cheaper overnight periods when demand is lower. This stored heat can be released gradually throughout the day, providing a comfortable and consistent temperature without the need for continuous energy input.

Additionally, electric storage heaters offer individual room control, enabling users to adjust the heat levels according to their specific needs. In the UK, the government recognizes the benefits of electric storage heating and provides grants to encourage its adoption. These grants aim to assist homeowners in upgrading their heating systems, making them more energy-efficient, and reducing carbon emissions. By offering financial support, the UK government promotes the transition to greener and more sustainable heating solutions.

Heating Control

An efficient heating system that you can control easily can help you reduce your fuel bills and reduce your carbon emissions.

Electric storage heaters typically come equipped with heating controls, such as thermostats and timers, allowing users to efficiently manage and regulate the heating output according to their desired comfort levels and energy-saving preferences.

Electric Storage Heater

Electric storage heaters offer a convenient and cost-effective heating solution, particularly for those who can take advantage of off-peak electricity rates. They provide warmth throughout the day by storing heat during off-peak hours.


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