PAS 2035 Retrofit Assessor​

Online Training Webinars

This essential training course delivers training for an integral role in the new PAS 2035 standard. Every building that undergoes energy retrofit work will first need to be assessed by a trained and certified Retrofit Assessor.
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Online Training Webinars

All Retrofit Assessment work must be carried out in-line with the PAS 2035 Standard Framework which sets out how TrustMark holders must comply during the Retrofit Assessment process.

Our PAS 2035 Training upskills current Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) and Green Deal Advisors (GDAs), to undertake Retrofit

Assessment work within the PAS 2035 Standard Framework. Our 2-day course, delivered by our experienced trainers, covers all the essential elements of the Retrofit Assessor role. Ultimately, the completion of a mock Retrofit Assessment Report and a multi-choice exam.

After you have completed and passed the exam, you will be eligible to join the Stroma Certification Retrofit Assessor Certification Scheme and begin carrying out Retrofit Assessment work in domestic buildings.

The Retrofit Assessor Training

The Retrofit Assessor Training (Upskill) will take place over a 2-day period. There will be a small element of pre-course reading, the reading list will be sent prior to the course. This background reading will cover the following subjects:

An introduction to BS 7913 – traditional construction
PAS 2035 Path C has extra requirements
An overview and differences between SAP and PHPP.


The retrofit assessor course can be completed in 2 days. The course is divided into the following parts:

Day 1

  • PAS 2035 Overview, the other roles, link to PAS 2030
  • Trust Mark Overview, including data warehouse
  • Energy Efficiency Advice – including government approved/endorsed services
  • The benefits of whole house retrofit
  • Evidence requirements
  • Risk Assessment, Paths A, B and C – and impact on Assessors
  • Heritage buildings
  • Planning constraints and Site constraints
  • Requirements of Scheme Membership – CDP, COC Insurance etc
  • Identify existing energy efficiency measure(s)
  • Structural defects
  • Building Structure
  • U-values & Linear Thermal Bridging
  • Solar gain/Heat Gains
  • Condition Report
  • RdSAP (extra data where necessary)

Day 2

  • The completion of a mock full report that you could use to send to the coordinator.
  • A multi-choice exam, time will be allowed for anyone needing to re-sit the exam.

Joining Retrofit Assessor Certification Scheme

The virtual classroom course will be delivered via webinar over two consecutive days with a live trainer. The learners and trainer will connect via video link (like video conference call). All participants will be sent a link. Once you click on the link, it will take you straight to the online classroom. It is simple and straightforward.



After successful completion of your training, you can join Stroma to carry out Retrofit Assessment work under a TrustMark approved scheme.


You will also gain access to the popular member benefits, including technical support, business insurance and regular CPD sessions.


You will have full access to this interactive session, which means that all the tutoring and case studies are completed online. You will be able to participate in the course in real time and interact with your trainer and other learners.