UK Energy Bill Assistance

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The UK government has announced that it will extend its energy bills help scheme for households until the end of June 2023. This is good news for many households that are struggling to pay their energy bills due to the ongoing pandemic. 

What is this bill?

The Energy Bills Discount Scheme was first introduced in 2020 and has since helped millions of households across the UK. It provides financial assistance to those who are struggling to pay their energy bills, especially during winter months when energy usage tends to increase. The extension of the scheme is particularly timely as the Uk continues to experience cold weather in the spring, which can result in higher energy bills. The scheme provides a lifeline to those who are struggling to make ends meet, ensuring that they can keep their homes warm and safe. 

How to qualify?

To qualify for the scheme, households must be in receipt of certain benefits or have a low income. The government has also made it easier for households to apply for the scheme by streamlining the application process and making it available online. 

If you think you might be eligible for the energy bill help scheme, its important to apply as soon as possible. You can do by checking the government website Help with your energy bills: Getting a discount on your energy bill – GOV.UK ( 

Other ways to reduce energy bills without the assistance

In addition to the energy bill help scheme, there are also other measures that households can take to reduce their energy bills. Simple steps like turning off lights and appliances when not in use, using energy-efficient light bulbs, and adjusting the thermostat can all make a big difference. Infinity Energy Organisation offers the best energy efficiency measures to ensure that you\’re getting the best value for money.  

The extension of the energy bill help scheme until the end of June is welcome news for many UK households. If you\’re struggling to pay your energy bills, it\’s important to apply for the scheme as soon as possible. In addition to the scheme, there are also other steps that you can take to reduce your energy bills and save money.