Need a new boiler? These Boiler Plus 2018 Building Regulations Will Affect You

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Boiler Plus 2018 is a set of regulations that aims to maximise the energy efficiency of heating systems in England. If landlords and homeowners aren’t careful, the government can fine them for up to £5,000 for violating the new boiler policies.

Energy costs and carbon emissions are constantly rising. And the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) implemented Boiler Plus on 6 April 2018, as a solution to this problem.

During winter, heating systems kick into overdrive, further exacerbating these issues. In fact, winter heating increase the energy costs of an average home £640 a year, taking upto 60% of the household energy bills during the winter season.

The Boiler Plus legislation addresses these problems by reinforcing the standards of the various heating systems in England.


How the Boiler Plus 2018 Scheme Affects You

The three main changes to the standards of boiler installation are as follows:

  1. Gas boilers that are installed into existing systems need to have an Energy Related Products (ErP) efficiency of at least 92%.
  2. Gas, LPG, and Oil Boilers should be installed with corresponding time and temperature controls.
  3. Gas Combination Boilers should be installed with one (1) additional energy efficiency measure.


Combi Boilers Energy Efficiency Options

Homeowners will determine the technology option that they want to install with their combi boiler.

Here are the four options in question:

  • Flue Gas Heat Recovery (FGHR)

These devices recover heat from waste flue gases to preheat the water before it enters the boiler.

  • Weather Compensation

A weather compensation device detects the temperature changes outside then uses that data to make precise adjustments to the internal temperature of the boiler.

  • Load Compensation

This device reduces fuel consumption by modulating the boiler so that it maintains a balance between its internal temperature and the user’s desired temperature.

  • Smart Controls with Automation and Optimisation

These devices allow users to remotely control their heating system, automatically detect occupancy, and schedule temperature control with the goal of minimising the amount of fuel used.


The government will prosecute installers that fail to uphold the standards in the new Boiler Plus regulations. In addition,the Gas Safe Register can report them to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The BEIS implemented the Boiler Plus legislation on 6 April 2018. To ensure that you’re complying with the new standards, contact one of our energy advisors for a free consultation: 0203 638 4030.